Spokane Area Market Update May 2019


Are your curious about the Spokane area real estate market?

You’ve found the right place! Today I am going to provide you with a market update for the 2019 year to date.

2,887 homes have sold so far this year, this is down from 2018. By this time last year there had been 3326 homes sold.

Home prices ranged from $15,000 to $3,425,000 with average being $279,774 and the median being $250,000. These values are up from 2018, at this time last year the average sales price was $252,252 and the median was $225,000.

Days on market ranged from 0-748 with the average being 47 and the median 28. This has not changed drastically compared to last year, the average was 48 and the median was 29.

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Be on the look out for my next video which will cover the Audubon & Down River neighborhoods of Spokane!


April 2019 Market Update

There were a total of 15 homes that sold in March of 2019 in the Audubon & Down River neighborhoods. The sold prices ranged from $150,000 to $367,000 with the average being $236,000. The average sold price for the Spokane area was up to $270,000 in March. The average days on market for the Audubon and Down River neighborhoods was 38, with the range being 0-128.

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